2017 Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals (LEAP) Registration is Open

Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals (LEAP) will be presented by Danosky & Associates, LLC. The LEAP Program, to be presented by Danosky & Associates, LLC (D&A) consists of 7 three-hour sessions and 1 six-hour session designed to build a foundation of skills and awareness.  D&A facilitators share their experience, expertise, and insights while engaging the proficiencies of all participants; this happens in presentations, group discussions, research and case study analysis, simulations, home assignments, and action-planning activities. The immediacy of the learning experience encourages thoughtful application and experimentation with ideas and best practices.

Each session affords the learning-leader the opportunity to take useful, positive actions back to their home shop: 1) apply new skills; 2) utilize new knowledge; 3) moderate incremental change; 4) address transformational change; 5) engage in short- and long-term planning; and 6)  share content with board and staff.  D&A facilitators offer continuity throughout the comprehensive workshop series by providing a platform for appropriate change and incremental improvements through active leadership.

April 7th, 21st, 28th
May 5th, 12th, 19th
June 2nd, 9th

$2,000 per participant
$1,000 foundation-matching grants are available by request. Additional grants may be available.


LEAP Complete Program Guide

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